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4 Ways to make your parents feel valued

Remember the days when you were learning to walk, it was his finger that you held or after coming back from school, it was her who fed you with her own hands. Well those times are just a memory and you’re busy making a life in a new city, while your parents keep waiting alone for that one phone call from you. They understand your need for space and time, but isn’t it also time to give them back an installment of what they did for you. Give them back a glimpse of the house they had built, give them people whom they can talk to and give them a feeling of belonging to a place.

If it was possible for you to do all this, would you not?

So while you are away and they alone, do a few things to make them feel loved.

Remember birthdays & anniversaries

Remembering their birthdays, anniversaries or any other day they think is special will bring a special joy to your parents’ life. Send gifts, take them out for dinner and share as much spend time with them on special occasions. The memories you created for them will stay in their hearts and make them feel
you still love and care for them even if you don’t stay with them

Spend Some Time

Being in touch and spending time with them, when they least expect it, is often the best way to make anyone feel special and value. It may be a day you have specially planned for them or a casual dinner that you plan. Invite them over to your place or read a book out to them (this is too western to be
mentioned). Any way you spend time with them will be a memory to cherish for them.

Stay in Touch

So you are unable to make time to spend an entire weekend with them or even take them out someplace. How about just letting them know that you remember them, a short phone call asking them about their health and what’s going on in their life or an sms wishing them good morning. These
things that will not take much time, will develop into moments that they hold as the most precious.

Be grateful.

So you spend a minimum amount of time with them, perhaps festivals and special occasions get you together, even these moments can be made extremely special, with small gestures from your end.
A little gratitude goes a long way in making them feel special and valued. Say Thank You, smile at their jokes, take interest in their lives, turn off everything that you can, when you are with them. Small gestures such as these will go a long way and help them understand how crunched of time you are.

Every relationship is unique and only you can know the best way to make your parents feel special, these are just starters, it’s your desire to make them special that will make the difference at the end of the day.

So go ahead, think about what makes them feel special and do something about it, after all, they cared for you, when you needed it the most

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