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BEWARE!! You are being followed..

“Don’t assume you are safe because it is daylight. Crime occurs just
as often during the day as during the night.”

The crime graph against the elderly residents in the country is on
a steady rise. It has led several residents and groups working for
the senior citizens to question the government authorities about the
well being of the elderly in the country.

Considering the government’s present condition and list of problems
they already have on their plate, chances are very high that the
voices of these people would obviously be ignored. Hence, we
thought of providing few precautionary steps that you could take to
avoid being a victim of any criminal activities.

Police verification: Make sure you verify all the full time & part
time maids, security guards through your nearest police station. Do
not employ anyone without verifying his or her credentials.

Important Phone nos.:
Keep phone number of police,
neighbours, nearest hospitals & doctors handy, you may never know
when you might need them.

Secured homes

A home alarm system is a great deterrent to would-be burglars.
Motion detectors, automatic lights, and a security system with 24-
hour monitoring will significantly decrease the likelihood of a home

Here is a checklist of home safety tips for senior citizens:

• Check the locks on all doors and windows to make sure they are

• Trim tall bushes that are up close to the house to eliminate hiding

• Be sure your house number is painted brightly so emergency help
can find you quickly, should you need them.

•Don’t hide keys under mats or pots.
neighbour to keep your extra key.

• Don’t keep extra cash in your house. It is better to keep it in the
bank or in a safe deposit box.

• Post security signs around your house to let the burglars know you
are protected.

• Interact with your neighbours on a regular basis

To reduce the risk of being robbed while away from home,
follow these safety precautions:

• Never carry more cash than you need.

• Don’t carry all your credit cards with you.

• Keep your bag close to your body.

• Avoid walking in deserted or dark areas.

• Lock your car doors while travelling in areas where you will stop

• Lock your car doors while you are away from your car.

• Consider installing an alarm system in your car.

• Keep a whistle blower in your pocket which can help you gain
attention if you feel unsafe

• Be aware of your surroundings! Senior citizens have a tendency
to look down because many are unstable. Constantly look to your
left, to your right and behind you to see if anyone is following

Instead, ask a trusted

You don’t have to wait for crime to come to you. By being pro-
active and educating yourself, you can outsmart the criminals and
keep yourself and those you love safe. Please do suggest if I might
have missed any important tip by commenting in the comment box.

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