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The Golden Estate – A safe and secure place for Senior Citizens.

Elderly Care HomeYou’ve endeavoured into the “Golden Phase” of your life – and now is the time to appreciate, enjoy and protect it!

Subsequent to spending a lifetime collating your savings and building an adoring yet free independent life, this is the time in which you get the opportunity to receive the benefits.

·    As you progress into your Golden years of your life, you have the chance to encounter the best of what life brings to the table. Expecting you’re physically ready to adapt to the difficulties that accompany maturely and as long as you figure the financial requirements of your month, your brilliant years sparkle splendidly for a long time to come.

·  All individuals need to consider how to age gracefully with self-esteem , however carrying on with a secure way of life can give seniors more opportunity to make the most of their golden years. The physical and mental health that you have as you touch base with your senior years is the consequence of the way of life you have lead until at that point. Legitimate nourishment is the most imperative effects on your general well being, so it is basic that you create adhering to a good,secured and protected propensities right on time throughout everyday life.
The Golden Estate is truly your partner to ensure that you lead a safe and secured life.

We must that learn that age is just a number In other words, you are not bound to act in accordance with any preconceived rules for what is “right” for your age. You just have to be happy, secured and protected.

Following are some of the security facilities provided by The Golden Estate which is considered the India’s Finest Senior Living Home.

  • 48 CCTV’s inside the premises
  • 2 Emergency response bells inside the Units
  • Emergency bells connected to multiple emergency call panels
  • Manned Reception on round the clock
  • Security guards at the gate
  • Proper entry and exit at the gate
  • Side rails on both the sides of corridors
  • Side rails on the stairs
  • Anti-skid flooring
  • Grab bars near the toilet
  • L-Shaped bar under the shower
  • Nursing staff round the clock
  • Doctor on call
  • CCTV cameras in the lifts
  • CCTV cameras in the corridors
  • CCTV cameras in the outside areas
  • Maintenance round the clock
  • Fire extinguisher inside the premises

And yes, everybody needs to feel protected and secure in their own particular way, and senior citizens are no exemption. You can help your-self by making a protected living spot for you.
Here is a glimpse to few pointers by The Golden Estate for you.

1it’s a great opportunity to utilize the earnings you set aside. Utilize it and appreciate it and do buy CCTV for you it really beneficial for you.

  1. Stop worrying about your growing age, just enjoy and protect it smartly .Don’t get all weird about getting older! The age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying with!!
    If in-case you need an example you can explore TGE Life of Senior Citizens.
  2. Keep a sound fit life, without incredible physical exertion. Do direct exercise (like strolling each day), eat well and get your rest. It’s anything but difficult to wind up wiped out, and it gets harder to stay solid. Stay in contact with your specialist, get tried not withstanding when you’re feeling admirably. Remain educated dynamic and mindful with the goal that the uncertainties would be afraid from you 😛

.4 Don’t stress over the little things. You’ve already overcome so much in your life. Don’t let the future frighten you.And believe you are the strong and physically fit.

.5. Always stay up-to-date. Read newspapers, watch the news. Go online and read what people are saying. Make sure you have an active email account and try to use some of those social networks. Keeping in touch with what is going on and with the people you know is important at any age.

  1. Few people grasp their golden years, while others turn out to be severe, terrible tempered and disagreeable. Life is too short to squander your days on the last mentioned. Invest your energy with constructive, happy individuals, it will rub off on you and your days will appear that vastly improved. Investing your energy with severe individuals will make you more established and harder to be near. What’s more, the Golden Estate is that one Extended cheerful family for you at the Golden Phase of your life and the senior living home can be your best decision ever.

Chuckle. Giggle a ton. Snicker at everything. Keep in mind, you are one of the fortunate ones. You can secure yourself you figured out how to have an existence, a long one. Numerous never get to this age, never get the chance to encounter a full life. In any case, you did. So what’s not to snicker about while securing it? Discover the cleverness in your circumstance, peace in your psyche and simply LIVE.

To know more prerequisites and Facilities for senior Citizens you can explore the services   offered by The Golden Estate “India’s Finest Senior LivingHome.”


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