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Rehabilitation Services for Senior Citizens Offered by The Golden Estate.

About Us

The Golden Estate provides high-value services for senior citizens rehabilitation, Organized and executed by a multidisciplinary team, our rehabilitation team ensures timely restoration of physical, mental and emotional energy. Apart from providing post hospitalization In-Patient Rehab, The Golden Estate is a privileged retirement home for senior citizens.

Holistic approach meets the team of experts.

  • Diet and Nutrition: Each individual is given a proper diet plan as per the suggestion of our expert nutritionist. The diet given is constantly monitored and evaluated from time to time. The team is fully capacitated to take care of the following  services
  •  Oral feeds
  • NG Tube
  • PEG Feeding
  • DIET Review and Prescription
  • Diet Counseling for residents and family
  • Group Sessions
  1. Health Psychology and Emotional Wellness: The team at The Golden Estate believes in holistic wellness and health of the patients and for which they leave no stone unturned. To make the patient psychologically fit, we define individual goals, design plans which inculcate counseling sessions, cognitive retraining, and behavioral therapy also in our senior living home.

Various therapies.

  1. The team has skilled, experienced and qualified Physiotherapists.
  2. We have expertise in various manipulation techniques such as Myofascial release, Electrotherapy, Exercise therapy, Taping and Mobilisation.
  3. The Chest Therapy includes various Deep breathing techniques, percussion, Vibration and Postural drainage is  given to cure the respiratory ailments
  4. The Neurodevelopment techniques like PNF  and motor re-learning is provided in Neurological disorders like hemiplegia in CVA cases.
  5. To improve daily functional abilities and Quality of life Preventive and Curative therapy is given.
  6. The Limb Compressible therapy is given to those having mobility issues or bedridden.
  7. The Gait training & Ergonomics is implemented to correct postural disabilities and to improve their balance & Coordination.
  8. To develop, recover or maintain daily living skills Physical & Occupation Therapy is given through Upper extremity Workstations.
  9. Skilled Nursing Care: Our skilled and experienced nurses are dedicated to perform the following services-
  • Vitals Monitoring
  • Medication
  • Bowel Care
  • Bladder Care
  • Bed Care
  • Tracheotomy care
  • Feeding Care
  • Wound Care
  • IV Therapy
  • Positioning
  • Oxygen
  • Medical Support


  1. Engagement Activities: At The Golden Estate, we believe in a holistic approach for rehabilitation and engagement activities as a major source of maintaining the pace of the improvement amongst senior citizens. It includes Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Games, Mediation and Support Groups to keep the energy high amongst senior residents. These activities keep the mind and body of every individual action which is always important in healing.

Why Rehabilitation Services at The Golden Estate?

Post-hospitalization rehabilitation is as important for physical as well as mental health

The Golden Estate is A home away from home. The Golden Estate offers its residents an environment where one has no restrictions and everyone lives like the comfort of their own home. Service is the main motto of The Golden Estate and the comfort if its resident is The Golden Estate has a proper arrangement for emergency situations to make sure that every resident 24*7 medical and physical care.

Along with the proper emotional support given to the patient, The Golden Estate never forgets to provide emotional support to the caregivers  This helps the patient in getting the support of their family also and it helps to strengthen the bond between the resident and his/ her family that results in effective healing and good health in our senior living home.

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