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Summer Safety Tips for Senior Citizens.

“Get fit for life. Get fit for summer”

We have all been waiting for Summer season as it brings to light, energy, positivity, and liveliness to nature.

Along with the joy, summer also brings a few problems. The rise in temperature at times becomes unbearable. The summer heat starts affecting our health, especially to senior citizens.

Our seniors are prone to get affected in this season and they need special care with precautions. To ease your worry, The Golden Estate is here with few essential summer tips for senior citizens. These tips will surely help you to beat the heat.

  1. Keep yourself well hydrated: It’s important to keep yourself hydrated in this It is recommended that one must drink 68 cups of water a day that must be taken by an individual otherwise dehydration which can further invite illness. Don’t depend on the thirst of yours but be proactive and drink water on a frequent basis.
  2. Avoid going out of the home during the harsh sun that is between 12 pm to 3 pm: Most of the time we are not aware of the damage that the heat causes to us. You must plan your outdoor activities very reasonably and try to keep it for a short period of time. This summer heat can have adverse effects on our body.
  3. Keep an eye on weather forecast before stepping out: Always take out 2 minutes to check the weather forecast and accordingly step out of your house with all the required dressing with appropriate sunscreen and cap/ umbrella.
  4. Make sure that your medication has no side effects as per the weather: It’s found that most medications have side effects in summer.
  5. Improve your diet and switch to light food: With the growing age, it is common to have digestion issues. Summer heat creates more problems to this and it is seen that cooked/heavy food must be avoided to keep the digestion on track. You must focus more on the many nutritious fruits and veggies that are in peak season




The Golden Estate is here for your loved ones. If you are looking for an assisted living this summer, you are in the right place.  Beat the summer heat with The Golden Estate. Our experienced caregiver experienced in helping seniors stay fit and healthy during this harsh season. If you are looking for trustworthy caregivers then enquire to the Golden Estate now.





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