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The Golden Estate- A Commitment to Care for Elderly Living

How many of us wish we could give best care, love and affection to our aging parents once they reach retirement age. Since our birth our parents devote most of their time, effort and money in securing our future whether it’s our education, career or marriage, they do best to fulfil our needs and aspirations in every phase of life. However, once we are self-sufficient and financially independent, we tend to become too busy in our own life to spend quality time with them. This is when retired parents start feeling lonely, dependent and isolated. In this phase they need love, support and care so that they can live their Golden Years happily.

Senior Living Home services are offered to the senior citizens who have recently retired from work, want to live care-free and independent life. The Golden Estate offers privileged senior living home services in Delhi/NCR. It provides world class amenities in terms of senior citizen’s personal care, recreational activities, health dietary planning, safety and other major aspects that contribute directly to happiness quotient of senior citizens. A well-furnished Elderly Living homes allow its residents to live a happy life with opportunity to indulge in their favourite hobbies.

Safe, Secured & Assisted Living for Senior Citizens

Some of our elderly parents also require assisted living here professionally well trained, courteous and friendly staffs give 24×7 personalised care and support at just click of a bell. As there is a rise in the crime rates against the elder citizens, this has certainly triggered safety and security concern among working professionals who live away from parents. They are solely dependent on house maids or servants to look after them. For such professionals too, elderly living home service can be the best available option to ensure safety of their parents. It is also as great investment to make their parents live more enjoyable, independent and comfortable life post during the best phase of life.

Now days, senior living in India is not merely about getting a place to live away from home but  more about entertaining, enjoyable and comfortable living place for senior citizens with Smart and creative staff. They deserve world class Recreational and Indoor Gaming Facilities, Fitness and Wellness Support Programmes, Group Promotional Activities, personalised dietary planning services, etc which we provide.

From ultra-luxurious, well-furnished suites & studios to best-in-class personal care services such as social Leisure activities, health dietary planning, etc have made services related to Senior living in India equivalent to of western standards.

The Conclusion

We understand that most of us often struggle to maintain work life balance and hardly get time to interact with our parents to discuss on their post retirement plans. We should not ignore the pain of emptiness, fear of being lonely, dependency that our parents face during this phase. As the retirement age gets closer it brings not only anxiety and stress but also immobility among old age people. These factors hamper the quality life of our aged parents. Nothing seems more daunting than getting retired with no progressive future plans. In order to give them more meaningful and purposeful life we can always get some time to explore elderly living home service option available to them. Senior living home services will surely boost confidence among old age people and it will bring back theirs lost joy and happiness in just matter of time.


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