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Luxury Retirement Homes for Senior Living With Love & Care

Read on before finding a Senior Living Retreat of your Dreams

A picture that comes to our mind when we hear the term retirement home, is a privately-owned place where seniors can enjoy their life with care, peace, self respect and dignity.
It is where you not only have people looking after you but there are friends from the same age group living together. Senior citizens live here, make friends, enjoy and relax with great amenities offered by such homes. These retirement homes have it all- from doctors, security guards, electricians to matrons, cooks and personal assistive care . In other words, modern retirement homes are passionate about offering you 24*7 service to make your golden years worth remembering.


Lead a homely life with Us.

Modern senior living retreats have all the comfort of a normal home but also have additional features to suit every need. The Golden Estate Senior Living is built with anti-skid tiles, the walls have chamfered edges, and the bedrooms have coloured nightswitches and the light switches close by, making them easier to reach. The bathrooms come with grab rails and arthritis-friendly fittings. We have 3 locations that have an emergency switch making it easier to alert the security to come to your aid immediately. Build a sound body and mind. We not only care for your comfort; but also look after your mental and physical health. And the best way to keep both in peak performance is by exercise. You can play badminton or go raging over a game of table tennis or opt for regular gym and yoga classes. The Golden Estate is also equipped with a library where one can keep their brain mentally active by reading books. You can also develop some hobbies by taking part in cooking classes, dancing or art classes organized by us

Top-notch security

Luxury senior living retreats are perfectly secured. Our Senior Living is guarded 24×7 with well-trained and well-equipped security guards. CCTV cameras are placed all around the area which offers 24×7 surveillance. Plus, all the recruited security staffs are trained in giving first aids andfire drills. All the homes are also equipped with an Emergency Response System (ERS). We also have doctors that will be at your aid on-call and ambulances stationed for fast response.The senior living retreats come with everything to make your stay hassle-free. Electricians andplumbers are easily available on call. The garbage disposal, cleanliness and regular maintenanceare handled by professionals. Well decorated café and dining areas are also there to provide you with easy but homemade food.


Senior retirement homes bring people of the same age together there by making them find a new life post-retirement. Who knows, you can find your soulmate and enjoy daily activities together. Luxury senior retreats will give you the care you need all the while making itcomfortable and easily affordable. Caring about the seniors and providing the best ofeverything is the motto of our senior living .You and your best buddy can create beautiful memories and unforgettable experiences together.

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