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A World of luxury Awaits!

Everyone wants to live their post-retirement life in absolute luxury? The responsibilities of life compel people to live a restrained life. The people who have crossed its retirement age now deserve to live their life independently, with self esteem and dignity.  They not only retire from their jobs but also most importantly retire from being a guardian to their children. The Golden Estate is not only a senior living community like your own home it is also a world which gives 24*7 mental and physical Security.

After the struggling years of the life every person deserves to live a life which is free from the hassles of everyday life. At the Golden Estate we provide you with all the things which is nothing less than the dream post retirement life..
The Golden Estate gives people the chance to live their life in the best way possible.

There is a common belief that old generation is choosing a distant life because of their personal differences or against their will. May of Golden Estate’s residents have proudly chosen to lead this kind of lifestyle on their own. They chose to live life on their own terms and conditions.


A promise of world-class facility cannot be fulfilled overnight. Years of passion, thought and learning has been invested in achieving something; this spectacular. Creating a world which is safe, sound, modern, convenient & luxurious at the same time is an accomplishment of years of sheer will & dedication. Just like the residents of The Golden Estate have shown in their time of life when they were working hard towards the betterment of their own and their family’s future.

Ultra-modern facility with 24/7 hours medical support, including a dedicated staff which is there for you all the time is what explains the grandeur and charm of The Golden Estate. Basic understanding of the desired life has made this project a huge success especially amongst the post-retirement couples. They choose a lifestyle which they couldn’t enjoy before and now they want to experience the life which is extraordinary.
Staff of more than 90 people to serve approx. 60 residents of The Golden Estate.
The proud facility also hosts multiple entertaining activities every week so that the residents can experience the value of togetherness. Musical nights, dancing evenings, birthday / anniversary celebrations and a lot more attracts many residents of The Golden Estate to enjoy their days. Personal bonds of the residents with each other are the new stories which are being created just when they thought they have done all the important things in their lives.
That is why the spirit of The Golden Estate never grow old just like the spirit of the people living there. Our promise of maintaining a facility which is popular among the older generation is fresh as ever and we will always work to keep it this way.

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