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Top 4 Fun Activities that keep Senior Citizens Fit and Healthy

Activities are a wonderful and exceptional way to improve well-being in seniors. The only important thing is to find activities that are enjoyable and mentally stimulating for them. TGE believes in keeping their residents fit and active by improving sleep, strength, flexibility, and blood circulation in their body.

Here are a few interesting and tested activities for senior citizens:

  1. YOGA– A yoga session is held in TGE by Surmanjari – a musical educational therapy foundation. In this session, residents perform several asanas like Pratyahara for positive energy, thoughts and relaxation and pawanmuktasan for removing the blockage from joints and letting energy pass through the body. Residents can participate in the session voluntarily and have a very relaxing and peaceful experience.
  1. Straw Missing Game– Here is another game called Missing Straw by TGE. In this game, residents have to make an ornament from small pieces of black and white straw in 90 seconds. The purpose of this game is to combine exercise and fun for senior residents. 
  1. Tombola– The game of Tombola, sometimes known as Bingo, is one of the most common fun activities played in TGE and enjoyed by the residents. The game begins with a ball draw. The objective of this game is to mark all the numbers found on the ticket. The player who first strikes off all the numbers is called out as the WINNER.
  1. Dancing Therapy– TGE believes in connecting fun with exercise and that’s why we offer Dance movement therapy for our residents. DMT is considered for the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote social, cognitive, emotional, and physical functions of the body. It also improves physical health and mental balance.

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