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Embrace the warmth of winter; a glimpse of sunny day at The Golden Estate

Recall the time when you used to sit in your veranda, in winter noon munching on peanuts with your family enjoying the sun, with no worries on your shoulder but to plan your next outing with your friends. Those moments were precious indeed. That’s precisely what, the residents of The Golden Estate enjoy. The Golden Estate one of the finest luxurious home providing senior care facilities makes sure that the residents there are relishing their advancing years with the same comfort and happiness, they couldn’t savour in their middle age.

The Golden Estate being the premium senior service care provider is one of the kind luxury homes for those who want to savour their golden years with love and care. The house keeping staffs of The Golden Estate is highly professional and well trained in up keeping your daily chores from laundering to cleaning to cooking to other miscellaneous activities, so the residents can cherish their time without any hassle. All you need to do is enjoy your life to the fullest leaving all your worries in the hands of TGE professionals.

The Golden estate is more than just a senior living care; we provide personalized living solutions to the seniors at their own conditions, independently. At The Golden Estate you find the likeminded people who understand you better than yourself. The residents here are more than just friends, they play, they laugh, they share their life altogether, just like they used to live in their own childhood. We at The Golden Estate are continuously working towards providing you level best service quality, so that you can proudly call us your “home”. If you want to relive your past memories once again, be a part of our The Golden Estate family.

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