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The musical evening with bonfire: that’s how we celebrate our winters at TGE

Imagine a night with music playing in background, you sitting around a bonfire, laughing and enjoying your life with your friends. Sound interesting right. That’s exactly how we celebrate our winters at The Golden Estate.

The residents of The Golden Estate enjoy their golden years in  peace and harmony. We being the finest senior citizen living home, leave no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring  care and comfort of our residents.

The warmth and comfort of a home in wintery nights, with friends gathered around a bonfire relishing their life’s moment once again. We at The Golden Estatemainly focus on providing the quality lifestyle to  all those seniors who want to spend their advancing years away from the hassle of managing the tasks of running a house.

We provide the quality assisted living senior citizen comforts, where you don’t have to worry about your basic household chores, be it  cleaning or cooking, our professionally trained staff has it all covered for you. After living your whole life working, to attain the quality of life which is still a dream for many, we at The Golden Estate provide you the luxurious facility, which you can proudly call home.

We provide you an ambience  where you can connect well with people of same principles and mindset. We aim at provide you a free and independent life style. If you want to cherish your retirement years  with the luxurious comfort and care. Come and have a stay with us.

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