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Best Investment for your lovely parents: senior citizen apartments in Delhi NCR

Moving to senior citizen apartments in Delhi is a milestone in itself, it’s a major change in your life and an unforgettable event. The stress and hesitation that you go through is quite understandable. It is so natural to keep on living with your family during your old age that this change is unthinkable, we cannot suddenly stop thinking about a place that we used to call ‘Home’ for decades. This change is always thought to have come sooner in your life than when you had been expecting it. You will have many success stories under your belt and these days many aged adults actually prefer living in senior communities over their family homes. These communities mean your own privacy, new relationships, daily activities, resort style amenities and much more. If you look at the benefits you would definitely understand why it is considered as the best investment for your senior parents. It comes like a relief to all the seniors who have moved into these facilities.  

1. A turn for the better

When your loved one first arrives at the assisted living facility, he may appear apprehensive, sad, dejected etc. they may need assistance every now and then but slowly things begin to change as they experience a life changing turn of event. You will see a marked change in their health and all that happens due to the 24 hour care provided at these facilities. These days most of the senior communities have trained caretakers, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, doctor-on-call and fitness experts to take care of the aged seniors at the apartment communities. These people always keep their medications on track and never bring a change into their daily habits. When the body starts to ache and these pains begin to build-up it becomes comforting to understand that help is right there for you and it is just a call away.  

2. Not a facility, but a community

You cannot consider senior citizen apartments in Delhi to be a facility, it is more of a community. Many communities elect an ambassador from time to time so that other members can share their feelings, likes and dislikes about the place. Many times, they allow the senior residents to take up the role of activity teachers for art and craft, cooking, etc. this actually builds a good bond between members of the community and they act like one big family.   

If you take a look at the normal routine of your loved one at home, you find that they do not pay much attention to their health and most of the time they spend alone sitting in their rooms. This attracts poor health and major concerns. At these senior living apartments the owners try to make a sense of community or a large family in their minds so as to bring them out of their corners and let them have fun. The elders at these apartments usually dine-in together, this is the best way to introduce them to one another and let them know and understand each other better. They start various activities together and finally start caring about each other. If you look at the photos of the activities conducted you will be happily surprised to know that your senior loved ones are mostly participating in all the activities conducted. The environment at senior living is always energetic and you will always feel alive and happy once you enter.     

3. Fewer stresses, more carefree living

As soon as you move-in you will receive a lot of help from the maintenance staff. From arranging your clothes to even the most personal items, they are pretty careful and the best. If you have sent a gift for your loved-one, they will help them assemble it and even customize it for them. Most of the staff at the senior care are friendly and relate well with each of them. They usually are polite and come around at the beck and call for each job. Each staff is properly dressed and responds to the maintenance requests promptly. They are capable at their jobs. The seniors are given a convenient ride to the shopping malls, restaurants and even the nearest clinic if necessary. The staff also takes care of the ADL’s like grooming, housekeeping, assisting on walks, taking care of medication etc.   

It is true that with age, meals, grooming, housekeeping become an added burden for your aged loved ones. We would like them to spend the rest of their days carefree and thus senior apartments are the best choice. You are independent to live your life the way you wish but are still free from the daily burdens that life provides at senior citizen apartments in Delhi.   

4. Theaters, pools, gazebos, and more

You will not be amazed when you hear your loved ones refer to the senior living apartments in Delhi as a forever cruise vacation! These communities provide such a great lifestyle. The luxurious amenities that are offered within the community like spa, gymnasium, yoga center, art and craft, club house, in-house chef and restaurant style dining. For many residents their favourite part of the day begins with an assisted walk and time spent doing yoga or swimming. For many others it’s the time they spend at the clubhouse and evening walks that makes it all the more amazing for them. There are lots of group activities and even individual training that takes place on a regular basis. The residents can sit out on the lawn and have fun during the evenings.  

In the end, your senior loved one may feel apprehensive about this concept in the beginning. But after they’ve lived there for a month, their views are surely in for change. Within a few weeks time, your routine will change and you will be appreciative of this fact. You will have never lived such a happy and contented life ever before! These communities are safe and secure, the members at senior citizen apartments in Delhi are monitored on a daily basis to prevent any medical complication in the near future. 

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