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Wing Cdr. Chetan Kapur says:“Moving into The Golden Estate was one of the best decisions of my life. I have made many friends over here and I need not bother about my laundry, medication or security as all of it is being taken care by their dedicated and always smiling staff.”

“I was apprehensive about acclimatizing to conditions at a new place considering the attachment I had with my home. I felt that it would be very difficult for me to adjust at this age. But with every passing day this feels like the place I always wanted to be at.”

“The Golden Estate is great retirement home. I moved in along with my husband from the day it started operations. In fact, we are the first members of this ever growing family. It’s been such a wonderful experience. We have made lots of new friends, which would not have been possible while staying at our house.”

“I am highly impressed by the entire infrastructure and the facilities here, which will help many people like me. I wish I had known about the place sooner.”

I have been staying at the Facility for the last about two years. My stay has been extremely comfortable and carefree. The facilities that are provided are top class which include care, Safety, Medical Backup, Physiotherapy, Hygienic and sumptuous food, a well equipped Gymnasium and an ever smiling staff, who are always willing to help. Activities to include Gita Discourse, Meditation, live musical shows and Group discussions are organised regularly to keep the mind and body stimulated and bring a smile and feeling of satisfaction amongst all who are staying at the Facility.

Watching movies, playing Tombola, badminton, Ice Hockey reminds me of the school days. Having lived most of our life in UK, I could only dream of such wonderful life in the Golden Years. My stay at the Golden Estate has lived up to my expectations. I can recommend this to any of friends without any hesitation.

Post retirement, we were looking for a Senior Living Facility within NCR. Surfing the internet, introduced us to the Golden Estate, Faridabad, which we felt was affordable and in a position to provide the lifestyle comforts that we were striving for.“Seeing is believing”, and thus we came visiting the Facility to have an experience of what it was all about. The social taboo apart, we were quite apprehensive, whether our kids would be on board for this once in a lifetime decision. Whatever we saw during our visit further cemented our belief that “this was it”. We concluded the visit by actually deciding to book a unit and move into the facility.

Ever since there are no regrets! Adaptation to community living is a mindset, and we were quick in mixing within the new family. Daily routine of activities, recreation and various activities that are organised are rejuvenating and very relaxing to the mind. Religious discourse and meditation helps us stay spiritually connected and in great mental peace. Staff at the Facility and the services that they provide, are the USP of the Facility. They are always available to render any kind of help that is required, to put a smile on our faces.

Having lived all my life in a joint family, I was quiet apprehensive about moving into “Community Style” living at the Golden Estate, Faridabad. Our children having settled in their own Careers and families were no longer able to share their time as much as we wanted. In order to carry on with our life as per our terms, we took the plunge to give it a try. I dare say we were amazed with what we saw and experienced.

The whole concept is about life style! Its been nearly two years that I moved in with my Family and there is no looking back ever since. The facilities, amenities and the activities are just what a senior citizen would seek for a life, full of caring, dignity and recreation. The staff ever helpful, is always cooperative, and on call for sorting out problems real time. Our children continue visiting us here on regular basis and spend their valuable time with us

Birthday / Marriage Anniversaries celebrated for each single Resident and the various functions organised during festivals are top notch and speaks volumes for attention to detail. Without hesitation, I can say that I have absolutely no regrets in taking the decision to move in and would recommend the same to all those who are aspiring to move in.

We were living with our daughter after retirement in Noida. No matter how well she tried, we were conscious of the fact that we were dependant on her – which did make us feel uncomfortable!

We spent our lifetime in Education and always looked forward to a life of peace and Tranquility where we could stay rejuvenated mentally and spiritually. Ever since we moved into the Facility, we have felt as part of the extended family at the new home. The beautiful Library at the clubhouse provides the ideal setting of peaceful and serene setting, where we can indulge in our voracious habit un disturbed.

The bouquet of Facilities and activities organised by the wonderful staff from time to time, keeps us engaged and amused at all times. I can easily vouch for a lifetime stay at this unique concept of Senior Living

My lifetime spent in the Police, outdoor Sports and Mountaineering inculcated in me the spirit of adventure and freedom. I have always viewed life as care free, full of fun which keeps me healthy and happy. My only daughter lives abroad and I could not figure out the feeling of isolation and solitude. Search on the Internet narrowed my choice to The Golden Estate which I felt was answer to all my needs in the golden years of my life and hence the decision to start living here.

The well rounded daily routine of morning walk, followed by a short stint at the Gymnasium and then my own time spent in listening to music and watching movies helps me to keep the boredom and isolation away. The pollution free environment , regular sessions of Yoga and meditation and other activities that are organised on regular basis, helps me stay connected spiritually and keeps the mind free of any stress. Round of Croquet in the evening, is one “ look forward to “ event daily which unites the entire residents to either participate or be a spectator and yet be entertained.

Am enjoying leading a life of freedom which is stress free and also providing a new meaning to it, after my retirement.

I have been a resident of Golden Estate for over a year and a half now. Initially my husband and I were impressed by the services and conveniences offered by this place, but after spending time here, we realize that it is so much more - there are processes in place for all our needs and comforts. It is not cheap, but then 'quality' seldom is!

I recently lost my husband of 58 years, and the love, compassion and camaraderie that everyone here shows helps cope with the pain. It is also helpful to have such caring and concerned residents close to our own age around, most of whom consider everyone in this community as family.

Everyone here, from the guards at the entrance to the senior most management staff are courteous, helpful and go out of their way to make our lives better and more comfortable. Laundry, cleaning, transportation, dining and other services far exceed expectations, and I feel safe, comfortable and welcome here. In fact, enough to keep our children and grand children (who live in America) happy and content too!

I feel proud to call Golden Estate 'Home' and the staff and residents 'My Family'.

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