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Savour the home alike food; come and dine with us at our Golden Home

“Good food is the best way to reach someone’s heart” we have often heard that phrase, but do we know more than the good food; it’s the magic of hands which make you savour the taste of food, because those hands held the love of Mother. We at The Golden Estateaim to provide the same magic of home-made food to our residents. Eating healthy is an essential part, which keeps you fit and a healthy mind is a home to a happier heart.

The Golden Estate is very particular about the dietary needs of the residents. A large variety of ever refining menu is the key to keeping our residents happy. Each meal is prepared keeping in mind the taste and health requirements of our residents. Our in-house bakery and kitchen is supervised by trained chefs& bakers the fully modernizedkitchen. The chefs at The GoldenEstate make sure to provide a balanced, preservative free,  fresh & tasty meal is prepared each day .

With the right food and good company our residents savour all meals with delite. Healthy food gives a boost to the metabolism, but enjoying company of ofyour friends makes you happier. It  strengthens the bond between people, so the meals at The GoldenEstate are served in the common dining area so that the residents can enjoy them in a home like environment.With the hot chapattis served and jokes shared among the residents, every meal in itself is an occasion..

Don’t just believe us, dine with us at The GoldenEstateto savour our food and service

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