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Making the Right Move: Understanding the 6 Senior Living Options

Starting a conversation with your loved ones on a sensitive issue like, senior care and living, could become really intimidating, but many times it becomes vital owing to the well-being and health of the loved ones. For many seniors the thought of having to move out from their own homes and to a facility means loss of freedom. But the reality is quite different. This is definitely a complicated decision in your life and there may be plenty of questions going on in your mind like, what is assisted living all about? What services and amenities do they provide? What level of care services is provided to the individuals?  

The real mission is to give you all the necessary information and resources so you are well aware in advance and are able to decide the senior care services, levels of care and which service is right for you. The level of care at assisted living facilities depends on mobility, health and need for assistance. Thus this level depends from person to person. Lots of assisted living homes offer a high degree of independence but are ready with help whenever required. While alternatively, some elderly members do need 24 hour assistance to make their lives happier and easier. Senior living homes in Delhi NCR actually can be classified in six different options of care services like, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Skilled Nursing, Affordable Housing and short-term care too!    

Independent Living

This service provides complete freedom to the residents and they can live their lives on their terms. The dedicated staff at the assisted homes will work and accommodate the requirements of the seniors as always. Independent living actually gives the complete comfort of a home and fills the life of seniors with joys, excitement and new experiences. Many seniors after settling down in community life wonder why they didn’t take this decision earlier.    

Assisted Living

Assisted living is just an additional layer of service by the senior homes to the independent members of the community. This service is designed specially for the members who love their independence but also could happily use a hand for daily activities. The staff members at senior homes are trained to provide all the help that elderly need, like basic ADL’s like bathing, grooming, taking medications etc. people who opt for assisted living need to meet with a licensed personnel to create a personalized plan that suits their requirements and they are still able to continue pursuing their passion. Every elderly will have their unique set of requirements and passion, therefore, these retirement communities provide services, amenities and care which differ from person to person.   

Memory Care

Dementia, Alzheimer’s and other forms of mental illnesses can take a heavy toll on the patient as well as their family members. But, if your elder loved ones shift at the assisted living care facility they will receive dedicated psychologists at senior living homes in Delhi NCR and staff to ensure that proper care is being administered. Their care and services will be tailored and comprehensive according to their special requirements.  

Skilled Nursing

Most of the senior living facilities are properly equipped and can offer a wide range of senior care services. The staff members are trained to care for residents who come after their surgeries with a need for post-surgical rehabilitation, pain and cognitive management, first-aid care among others. You can visit these senior homes and check their list of services.  

Short Term Care

This is specially designed for people who wish to stay for a short period of time and are not looking for any long term care. This is a perfect way to introduce a new member to the senior assisted living program. The trial stay is also provided as a test if long -term care is the best option for your elderly family member. The temporary rehabilitation assistance provides an overall enriching experience.     

Palliative Care 

If your aging family member is facing a terminal disease and requires palliative care then assisted homes are the right place for you. Palliative care actually gives complete focus upon managing pain and symptoms. Palliative care can also be provided during the active treatment process. Assisted facilities have a good network of caregivers and they remain focused on providing the best comfort possible. The staff members always remain in touch with their friends and family so that everyone understands the patient’s illness so as to be able to manage their daily treatment and medication. 

Each senior living homes in Delhi NCR will have their own identity and level of care. These community homes for seniors provide tons of amenities which are perfect for seniors. These include delicious home-like meals, engaging daily activities and other enrichment programs, housekeeping services, transportation services, doctor-on-call and a lot more. Before you make up your mind there are tons of factors that you would have to evaluate and then select the best possible living option for your elderly loved ones. You will have to check your budget, health status of the senior, level of care needed, proximity to your apartment and others.   

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