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Breaking The Taboo: Let’s Talk About Senior Citizen Homes In Delhi NCR

Senior living is the perfect fusion of housing, hospitality, and healthcare, which focuses primarily on providing services and uses real estate as a facilitator. In a senior living community, you can enjoy hassle-free quality time with other seniors who share your interests, a full social schedule, and a cocoon of safety, security, and health consciousness. Thanks to specialized residential societies, the idea of Senior citizen homes in Delhi NCR has undergone certain changes. We questioned professionals about whether or not they still face stigma.

Perceptions are changing

The typical senior citizen population in India is expanding due to rising life expectancy and improved health services. By 2050, the proportion of people over 60 years old in the population is anticipated to exceed 25%, while infrastructure is still lagging behind. With the lack of government regulations, the private sector has seized the chance to build retirement communities. In a collectivist culture like India’s, old-age homes have traditionally been frowned upon. Still, this view is changing due to changes in these facilities’ structures, the rise of nuclear families, and the number of NRIs who worry about leaving their parents alone. Old-age residences run by the government that lack adequate staff are being replaced by entire neighborhoods designed with the comfort of the elderly in mind.

They have connections to medical facilities, employees who can cater to specific dietary requirements, and an infrastructure that is built with elderly persons’ convenience in mind. Age homes are gradually evolving to become settings where people can once again live peacefully and according to their own terms. Old-age homes are no longer seen as places where people are abandoned but rather as places where people can live independently for many people nowadays.

Seniors love new experiences

According to my interactions with senior citizens who live in senior citizen communities, I believe the taboo surrounding retirement homes is fading because the push for such communities is coming from the elderly themselves, in contrast to the widely held belief that children are pressuring their parents to move there.

These gated, secure complexes are occasionally built amid bigger neighborhoods of younger, working professionals, so seniors don’t feel isolated from the outside world.

As parents become less reliant on their offspring, parent-child relationships improve. As a result, the kids no longer feel guilty about giving their parents a decent life and are proud of themselves for doing it.

A blend of hospitality, healthcare

By 2050, India’s old population, at 130 million, would have tripled to 300 million. We have more elderly people than live in Mexico or Russia now. Despite these figures, we are unaware of a variety of senior citizens’ requirements. Our precise calculations show that the overall formal supply of senior housing is barely 20,000 units, much below the present demand of roughly 300,000 homes among nine specialized senior living arrangements. The number of senior citizen homes in Delhi NCR has increased from around 10 to 37 during the past ten years, and the number of such communities has increased from 25 to 90 across all economic sectors.

Some people don’t have a choice:

People will occasionally have no choice but to transfer to senior citizen homes in Delhi NCR. comparable to if their son were either overseas or in another country. Being a part of a community is safer than being alone given the rising crime rate. Alternatively, suppose an elderly couple only has a daughter who is married. Even though the daughter would dearly desire to care for her parents, many won’t feel at ease having their daughter live with them after marriage.

It is safer:

Both men and women are trying to provide for the necessities of the family in this ever-changing world. And as a result, their parents spend the majority of their time alone at home. And let’s just say that it can’t always be safe.

Some people actually prefer it:

In order to maintain their independence, some people choose to reside in an old age home. They enjoy having a sense of community and feel safer and more content there.

What should you know if you want to let your parents go into an old age home now that we know they aren’t all that bad?

Do your research:

Sending our parents to an old age home is arguably one of the hardest decisions one will ever have to make, regardless of the situation. And for that reason, you should complete your research before entrusting them to one.

You can find all the information you need on the internet.

Comfort comes before anything:

Keep in mind that your parents’ comfort comes first. Thus, before you make any decisions, bring them to the senior citizen homes in Delhi NCR and ask them if they feel at ease there.

Stay in touch:

Each of us leads a busy life. Also, finding time to speak with or see your parents can be challenging. They would expect to talk to you even when there are many others surrounding them. Make time for them as a result. Their day would be made by even a brief phone call of five minutes.

Embrace them in all activities:

Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. Your parents may have chosen to live in an assisted living facility, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to participate in family gatherings or vacations. Anytime you are traveling or attending a wedding or other function, bring them along.



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