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Enjoy Home Away From Home With The Golden Estate

With the uncertainty of life and growing age, most senior citizens are concerned about daily security and day-to-day care. Due to the modern lifestyle, technology, and increasing shortage of living spaces, most senior citizens come across problems that can be quickly resolved by growing a community that caters to their needs. We at Golden Estate offer the best Elder care services in Delhi so that our older generation can benefit from all the comforts of a home away from home.

Seniors in urban areas crave a community that understands their struggles and cares for them when needed. Our homes offer a helping hand to such people and give them satisfaction and total independence. With this freedom, elders can now cherish old age with their heads held high. Our younger generation might be stuck in comfort behind closed doors, but older generations desire a mohalla culture.

Golden Estates offers two forms of security net based on two types of communities found in India. These are Mohalla culture and Joint Family Homes. Most elders enjoy the company of a younger generation and find comfort in their love and respect. Our team of professionals at Joint Family Home assists seniors with absolute privacy and the benefits of a typical large joint family.

Elders who desire a mohalla community can get such benefits, too. We prefer a cluster of modular homes with common spaces to offer a feel of mohalla that encourages our residents to get physically and emotionally attached to their neighbors. Like any other community, residents share their happiness and sorrows and celebrate every festival together as a family.

Our Vision For Best Elder Care Services

Each of us deserves the same respect and love despite our age. Most elders become a burden or a duty for their younger generations with time. This situation makes their livelihood dependent, hectic, and trapped. Our vision is to offer our residents the best care and respect and make them feel as deserving as anyone else. Our professional setup and helpers can provide you with the desired lifestyle and community space. 

With our expertise in elder care services, we ensure our residents’ maximum security and privacy. We also offer short-term, post-operative, and long-term facilities to assist the needs of elders. Our rooms, common areas, and other amenities are designed per the plush community lifestyle of urban senior citizens. You can also renovate, rearrange, or bring some of your furniture to make yourself feel at home.

Our Work Standards

Our work culture defines our ingrained values for elder care and respect. We have inherited caring as a permanent facility feature for our seniors. These residents enjoy a perfect old-age lifestyle and grow old together as part of their community. We are always available for suggestions and provide a transparent process to run the community. We are here to listen to you and help out in any way we can.

Our team of professionals are experts in their job. We will offer complete freedom and privacy to ensure residents enjoy independent living throughout their stay. In care of assistance or helpers, we also offer hourly services at minimal costs.

Best Amenities For Elder Care

The Golden Estate Elder Care Services in Delhi offers 24×7 medical support and assistive care. Our amenities include in-house physiotherapists and psychologists, and our facility is close to hospitals and IGI Airport in case of emergency. Also, our fully furnished and air-conditioned suites are perfect for your lifestyle. 

With a spa, gym, clubhouse, and other recreational activities, your place will always be full of new challenges. We also prioritize your security, so our community is fully gated with 24×7 surveillance for your safety. Elders can also ask for laundry and housekeeping services and cherish freshly prepared healthy meals at our facilities.

Experience Excellent Elder Care Services In Delhi

Whether you need assisted care or your children stay separately, and you feel alone, we all need loving and caring people around us. With the increasing number of nuclear families, elders are usually left alone or a huge burden for most families. Visit our communities and enjoy a safe, independent, secure neighborhood where you are loved.

We offer morning newspapers at your doorstep. You can enjoy complete F&B services along with 24×7 medical support. We maintain and replace furniture as per your liking free of charge. We are well-managed, and our services are the best in town. With an adequate understanding of each elder’s needs, we always listen to assist them every step of the way.

Why The Golden Estate?

Golden Estate is the perfect opportunity for elders to grow old and feel young at the same time. With exquisite lifestyle support services and world-class amenities, you can enjoy your life with independence and privacy. We offer short-term stays for elderly parents feeling helpless at home if their children are out of station for work or vacation for a few days. These short-term stays at our facilities can be as long as six months. 

With security for every inch of your day and assistance every step of your way, you will feel loved and respected. You can form a friend’s circle, join various cloud activities, or start a gym to regain strength. With similar people for your age group, you will learn and try new things to keep the child inside you alive. Soon, with our communities, you will become more independent; hence, the guilt that comes from being a burden over your children fades away. 

If you require 24×7 medical post-op care, we are here for you. Our medical support staff can monitor your general health, prevent problems, and maintain your health records for emergencies. We are professionals and won’t let you miss your daily medicines. With a little push, you can regain your freedom at Golden Estate with our premium elder care services in Delhi.


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