The Golden Estate: Privileged Living For Senior Citizens
The Golden Estate
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Company Overview

Nurturing Lives, Creating Homes: A Legacy of Senior Care Excellence

Company Overview

Established in the year 1986 by Shri B.L.Arora, a renowned real estate developer in New Delhi, UCC Care pvt ltd. has been a trusted name in the industry for over three decades. Since 1996, the company has been under the leadership of Mr.Manish Arora. The changing lifestyles, scarcity of living space and growing concern for senior citizen’s security inspired us to create The Golden Estate.

The Golden Estate is a premium Senior Citizen Home in the National Capital Delhi, operating successfully since March 2013. Our Independent and Assisted Living facility was thoughtfully designed to provide seniors with a fulfilling lifestyle in the company of friends and complete peace of mind that comes with 24-hour support by our well-trained staff.

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality of care, ensuring residents experience the utmost in comfort, and enjoy top-notch security within a luxurious community lifestyle.

Our Vision

We are committed to creating a leading senior living community in India, where senior citizens across the nation can access premium senior living services and amenities that set us apart from the rest.

Our Heartwarming Story

The Golden Estate’s story is not just about senior living; it’s a journey filled with heartwarming moments and a commitment to redefining the way seniors experience their golden years. Our narrative is inspired by the ebb and flow of changing lifestyles, the challenges of urban living, and the unwavering need for seniors to receive the care and security they deserve.

The Joint Family Connection

Within the welcoming embrace of our senior living community, we’ve nurtured a sense of kinship that mirrors the warmth and support found in a traditional joint family. At The Golden Estate, you’ll experience all the advantages of a large, loving family home, enriched with the extra gift of complete individual privacy. It’s a place where memories are woven with love and where you’ll always find a family to lean on.

The Mohalla Culture

Taking inspiration from the tightly-knit spirit of mohalla communities that thrive across our diverse nation, we’ve designed our living spaces to inspire a profound sense of togetherness. The arrangement of modular units encourages a genuine community spirit, with communal dining areas and active participation in celebrations and festivities. Here, residents don’t just live together; they become part of an extended, emotionally connected family.

Our Team

Meet Our Visionaries

Our devoted team weaves dedication and care, crafting an environment that embraces the warmth and well-being of our cherished seniors.

Join The Golden Estate family for a life filled with warmth, companionship, and exceptional care. Your journey to golden living starts here!

Contact Us

Phone: +91-901-516-8123
Address: B-3, Central Greens, Near B.K Hospital Chowk, NIT, Faridabad-121001, Haryana, India

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    Working Process



    Caring is an inherent part of our DNA and therefore we put the care of our silver generation above everything else.



    We are completely transparent in the way we run the community and encourage our residents to monitor and guide us always.



    We bring in the best processes and people to manage and run each community to ensure a comfortable, secure, active and independent lifestyle for all residents.

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