The Golden Estate: Privileged Living For Senior Citizens

Our Values

Inspired by traditional Indian Society, we strive to redefine senior living, making it our mission to set a new standard of care within an urban context.

Our Story

At The Golden Estate, our story is driven by changing lifestyles, urban living constraints and the paramount need for enhanced security and care for seniors.

Inspired by the traditions of our Indian Society, we undertook a mission to redefine senior living within an urban context.

The Joint Family Connection: Within our senior living facility home, we’ve cultivated a sense of kinship that mirrors warmth and support of a joint family. At The Golden Estate, you can expect to experience all the advantages of a typical large joint family home, coupled with the added benefit of complete individual privacy.

The Mohalla Culture: Drawing from the spirit of mohalla communities across our country, we’ve designed our living spaces by clustering modular units together. This arrangement invites a sense of togetherness, with communal dining areas and active community participation in celebrations and festivities, this creates an environment where residents not only live together but also bond emotionally.


Ethical Governance



Caring is an inherent part of our DNA and therefore we put the care of our silver generation above everything else.



We are completely transparent in the way we run the community and encourage our residents to monitor and guide us always.



We bring in the best processes and people to manage and run each community to ensure a comfortable, secure, active and independent lifestyle for all residents.


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