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No, residential units at TGE are available on a security deposit based model (short term stay and long term stay) and does not involve the sale or purchase of real-estate.
Yes, TGE provides both Assisted Living and Independent Living.
  • First, you have to fill out the application form. You can email us for the application form or apply in our office. The submitted form will be scrutinized by a screening committee and the information provided, if required, would be verified.

  • Second, you will undergo a medical examination to verify your medical fitness level.

  • Third, you can select your unit and an agreement between you and TGE would be executed.

  • Note: All the required documents are listed in the application form.
Monthly charges and all recurring costs are revised periodically usually on a yearly bases.
Once the account is settled, the copy of the agreement returned and the unit is vacated, the security deposit would be refunded through an 'account payee' cheque or bank transfer, in your or your nominees favor within 21 working days.
Yes, you may stay in the unit as per your convenience. Charges for food and consumables are not payable for absences exceeding 30 days. However, you would need to pay the Fixed Monthly Charges.
No, we don’t allow that as we take care of all of your needs.
Smoking and consumption of alcohol is not permitted in the common areas. However, inside your residential unit, it is.
No, for the convenience of all the residents, we follow a ‘no-pet’ policy.
No, singles and couples can both live here.
Yes you can host a personal party at TGE. Let us know one day in advance so that we can help you prepare.
Yes, the facility is wi-fi enabled.
No, the kitchen has fixed hours. However, the F&B staff is available 24x7 to cater to any emergency or special needs.
Room service is available only during medical situations or under special circumstances.
All units are fully and comfortably furnished. However, personal items for decoration purpose are allowed.
Yes, you can maintain your own car. Parking arrangements are available, but for a limited number of cars at the owner’s risk.
Yes, we have a tie-up with a car rental agency that can provide transportation 24x7.
Your visitors can stay at the TGE guest house.
Sure. You can request the F&B team to arrange a special celebratory feast for your guests and even for other residents of TGE if you wish to.
There are a vast variety of activities we offer to occupy you throughout the day. You could watch movies in the common area, use the gym/spa or practice yoga and meditation. The indoor game room is accessible to residents throughout the day where you could play pool and participate in activities arranged by us. You could read books available in our library. You could also get involved in social activities and work with NGOs.
You need to undergo a medical examination as advised by our screening committee based on a few factors such as general state of health and age.
Yes, the F&B team can plan specific meals to suit medically advised dietary requirements.
TGE has a healthcare centre equipped to administer first-aid for most emergencies. A medical officer is available during regular working hours and trained medical staff is present 24x7 on the premises.

Soft copies of medical records are maintained for all residents. Complete Medicine Management is undertaken if requested. We have tie-ups with leading hospitals to ensure that our residents have access to immediate and best medical care with special arrangement for emergencies.
A very high-level of manned security, as well as electronic surveillance by CCTVs, is provided 24x7x365. Emergency ‘Call-Points’ are installed in all living units and across the facility. The entire facility is gated with a single 24x7 manned entry/exit point.
No, there are no fixed hours.
The minimum age requirement is 60 years.
  • People of all nationalities are welcomed at TGE. However, relevant documents are required.

  • In case of a PIO, valid permit for long term stay in India has to be provided.

  • In case of a foreign national, a copy of the passport, with valid visa has to be provided.
  • We have an indicative fitness level that a resident should have to enjoy the facilities offered by us. In addition, all applicants need to clear a medical screening.

  • The resident should not be suffering from any Infectious or Communicable diseases.

  • The resident should not be mentally challenged, suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer Disease or any other type of Psychiatric Disorder.

  • The resident should not be dependent on any type of life support equipment, such as a ventilator.
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