The Golden Estate: Privileged Living For Senior Citizens
The Golden Estate
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Discover the comfort and luxury of life at The Golden Estate through the heartfelt testimonials of our residents. In a secure and rejuvenating environment, we've crafted a space where love and care ensure a joyous and fulfilling experience. Join us in celebrating the stories of contented living in The Golden Estate community.

I was hospitalised at Delhi. My UK based son and daughter were asked to arrange a fully assisted residence and I was moved into The Golden Estate. As feared, I needed hospitalised again. TGE managed, professionally, without discomfort to children. They were fully aware and consulted. Understandably, I started with lots of reservations due to my technical and DIY (I had lived in London for several years) background. Soon enough, I stopped missing home and homemade food and even freinds. Since the place is disciplined like a defence establishment, we command full respect of huge work force rushing around in different coloured uniforms. This place is owned, by a loving couple who see their own seniors amongst us. The onslaught of Corona confirmed the will and desire to safeguard us and TGE has proved to be a very safe abode.
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Mr Krishna Kumar Garg
The Golden Estate is my home away from home, my little nest. I have never been so comfortable anywhere else. I love being here. My Assistive Care really looks after me to the extent of utter comfort. I have no regrets of coming and staying here at The Golden Estate.
Residents Testimonials
Mrs Sudha Murgai
The Golden Estate is most homely place to stay after retirement as the organization takes complete care of you including medical facilities. Please give it a try and you will never repent it. Trust me you can treat this place as your second home.
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Wg Cdr Subhash Bhalla (Veteran):
We have found this place much better than most of Senior Citizen Facilities across the Country.
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Mr. Om Prakash Nangalia
I can only say that this not golden estate it is Diamond estate because gold looses shine after sometime but diamond remains same for years to come.
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Dr. Shailendra Mehra
The Golden Estate is really like its name, so comfortable & so homely. We never thought it would be like this. Life here is so nice & easy. The whole staff is so polite & caring. They are always smiling. We love it here.
Residents Testimonials
Mrs Kamlesh Puri
Golden Estate is a Premium facility which makes any Elder live comfortably and happily with all needs of life being taken care in an excellent method. Provides all day to day needs, assisted care living and enjoyable activities. Management and staff is exceptionally polite and responsive to the varied needs of elderly people.
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Brig Prannath Puri
Everything you wish and pray is here. All old age needs, physical, medical, emotional are met. Loving heart throbbing for your care, tender hands to soothe you is TGE.
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Mr Suresh Jain
The Golden Estate is at present home for about 80 seniors. Once you are member of this assisted home, you have a carefree life. The Management along with their efficient staff is ever ready to help you with any problem you face. They have trained staff in every department Medical, Physiotherapy, Housekeeping, Laundry, Maintenance as well as purchase. Special credit to chef and his staff for serving variety of food. The daily interactive activities help the senior Residents engaged as well as friendly with other Residents. If you can afford it, there is nothing better than The Golden Estate at this age of your life. Our children working in different parts of world and India are relieved to know that their old parents are in a safe environment.
Residents Testimonials
Mrs Leela Gupta
For me it has been a rejuvenating experience to be in The Golden Estate. There is security, the attendants are available, well trained and courteous. The management team is very caring and there is family like atmosphere. Every resident is satisfied and don’t want to leave this place.
Residents Testimonials
Dr. Usha Kumari
Moving into The Golden Estate was one of the best decisions of my life. I have made many friends over here and I need not bother about my laundry, medication or security as all of it is being taken care by their dedicated and always smiling staff.
Chetan Kapur
Wing Cdr. Chetan Kapur
The Golden Estate exemplifies the word “Care”. The staff is invested in the well-being of each resident. They keep us engaged in constructive activities which is very rejuvenating. The environment is very warm and nurturing for all.
Shobha Sharma
Ms. Shobha Sharma
I am highly impressed by the entire infrastructure and the facilities here, which will help many people like me. I wish I had known about the place sooner.
Mr. Dua
I was apprehensive about acclimatizing to conditions at a new place considering the attachment I had with my home. I felt that it would be very difficult for me to adjust at this age. But with every passing day this feels like the place I always wanted to be at.
Meera Kapoor
Mrs. Meera Kapur
My wife, Mrs. Sumedha Parashar and I have been staying at The Golden Estate (TGE), our new home, for over a year now. We are living here like a close-knit and friendly family. While the helpful, loving and caring TGE staff that takes good care of all our day to day needs, we have all the time to enjoy life in a jovial atmosphere of social bonhomie and spiritual bliss, free from all domestic worries.
Maj-Gen B.R. Parashar PVSM, AVSM (Retd)*
The Golden Estate is great retirement home. I moved in along with my husband from the day it started operations. In fact, we are the first members of this ever growing family. It’s been such a wonderful experience. We have made lots of new friends, which would not have been possible while staying at our house.
Sumedha Prashar
Mrs. Sumedha Parashar

TGE is a dream home really come true after I explored numerous home care facilities in Delhi, NCR . The staff is amazingly caring and affectionate. Besides offering excellent facilities they ensure to look up to the minutest of needs of their Residents and rather go head-on to heal them. I have my father staying with them since last one year and I find him very safe and happy.
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Mr Anand Khanna (Son Of Mr Om Prakash Khanna)
With my parents living in the Golden Estate, I now feel like I have an extended family. My sense is that the folks who work here don’t just provide services as if they are doing a job, they approach their work with a high level of compassion and empathy. I am never made to feel like I’m too demanding or burdensome whenever I make any requests for my parents. In my absence, I have started to feel like they are an extension of ‘me’ around my parents and that for me has been truly liberating!
Residents Testimonials
Ms Aarti Sethi – (Daughter of Brig Pooran Chand Uppal & Mrs Neelam Uppal)
My parents moved to The Golden Estate just before the pandemic broke out. It was miraculous timing as during this time they were not alone and they received great care and attention, which would have been impossible had they been living alone in their home. I was stress free knowing that they are safe, comfortable and well taken care of. I recently visited them and was extremely happy to see them surrounded by loving and caring staff members. It was very heartening to hear my parents say the best of praises for all the staff members and attendants. Thank you team Golden Estate – may you all be blessed for the wonderful work you are doing.
Residents Testimonials
Mr. Shruti Marwah (Daughter of Mr Ram Swaroop Grover & Mrs Meenakshi Grover)
Have recently moved our mother to TGE and spent the first week or so with her at the facility. The management and staff have been extremely good in addressing her needs and comfort; her attendants are warm and caring; her suite is well equipped for her needs. Everyone from the management, the medical team, the chef & restaurant staff to the cleaners are always very polite and discreet. I am confident that this was the right decision for our mother and look forward to seeing her thrive.
Residents Testimonials
Mrs Shyamoli Andersen (Daughter Of Mrs Meena Guha):
It’s a brilliant place for my mom. Every detail is very well taken care of. Hygiene, food. Medical, activities and much much more. The staff is excellent. You name it and they have it kinda place for seniors. The best place my mom could be at. Sitting this far from mom with no stress coz I know she’s in the best hands! Grateful for TGE at every level for every moment of taking such compassionate care of my mom!
Residents Testimonials
Mrs Nishtha Verma ( Daughter of Mrs Sneh Midha)
I found The Golden Estate and its staff professional and caring; a team that I could entrust the care of my elderly parents to. Their approach is a sound combination of pragmatism and caring. The focus on drawing residents into social activities that foster fellowship and camaraderie is to be commended. The team has an obsession with hygiene and cleanliness which is doubly important in the troubled times we all live in. Their nutritional planning results in meals that are healthy, wholesome and enjoyable. There is a great deal of attention devoted to the safety of residents and round the clock vigilance and monitoring. All in all a satisfactory experience.
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Mr Neil Daswani (Son of Dr (Prof) Chander Jeramdas Daswani & Prof (Mrs )Tilottama Chander Daswani)
Excellent place to stay for elderly people. My mom has been living there since 2018 and is well taken care of. All facilities including resident doctor, physiotherapist, food, laundry, cleaning, everything is taken care of. Residents enjoy the various activities being hosted regularly. Above all, it’s the safety that they provide, a very secure place for elders….indeed couldn’t have asked for more.
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Mr Gaurav Kaushik (Son of Mrs Aruna Kaushik)
The Golden Estate is an excellent place for senior citizen care in India. My mother is a Resident here and she is getting professional, personal care that exceeds all expectations. They are reasonably priced and offer comprehensive facilities that compare with the best senior citizen homes in the world. My mother has lived an independent life all her life and is now delighted to live here and keep her independence and dignity and enjoy the quality of care that is world class. I live abroad and can now sleep well at night knowing she is being cared for by the lovely and wonderful people in The Golden Estate.
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Mr Anuraag Trikha (Son of Dr (Maj) Ashoka Trikha
My parents have now been living at The Golden Estates for 2 plus years now. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the experience and thankful that we chose this place.
They have a knowledgeable (and frequently trained) staff that take customized care for the residents with a great attitude. The front office is attentive and communicates effectively- especially during the COVID times .
They have an on-site medical staff that provides great medical care including physiotherapy. They also navigate them through the process and consults at the nearby Fortis hospital as and when needed.
The shared situation of the residents ( many with kids abroad) provides a great platform to develop new friendships which is further catalyzed by the many social, health and mindfulness events that are organized at frequent intervals. All the food is cooked fresh for every meal and has the home cooked feel that cycles thru a varied menu across the week.
Definitely worth checking out and strongly recommended !
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Mr Vivek Gupta (Mr Shivaji Prasad Gupta & Mrs Leela Gupta)
An excellent facility for senior living. The team is professionally qualified and trained to meet the physical, medical, and emotional needs of seniors. With personal attention to each of the 70+ Residents, it provides a feeling of “home”. With regular activities of physical exercises, cultural evenings and hobby clubs, it keeps the Residents active and engaged. Food is tasteful and full of nutrition with a new menu everyday to suit everyone. Would recommended the place for a stress-free, safe assisted senior living.
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Mr Vikas Baijal (Son Of Mrs Shashi Baijal)
Golden Estate provides a homely and comfortable environment for my mother. The people are caring and responsive. Being far away I am at peace with myself knowing that my mother is well taken care off. Thanks to the staff that look after my mother. I would recommend Golden Estate for elderly parents who need care and love.
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Mr Rajiv Singh (Son of Mrs Rajkumari Singh)
My sister has been Resident here since early 2015 and has found a home away from home with all conceivable amenities and services managed very professionally. The place has a ‘soul’ which welcomes Residents and their family and friends.
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Mr Anup Datta (Brother of Ms Pratima Datta):
Definitely recommend this to any senior-citizen looking for hassle free independent living. I moved my parents to The Golden Estate late 2019. Our experience has been absolutely amazing with the staff and the team going out of their way to be as helpful, thoughtful and courteous as they could be. The facilities are great, the catering is excellent, the support staff very caring and most of all, the like minded company of the other residents has made my parents stay quite comfortable. A big thanks to the team for taking care of my parents!!
Anoop Goel
I have come to know by word of mouth, about The Golden Estate and their services last year in August 2019. After, having tele-conversation with the Resident Manager and going through the website, I have traveled to see the facility myself to experience the world class care to the residents living there. I was overwhelmed, by the extraordinary love, care and respect of the staff to the residents , the house keeping, hygiene, cleanliness in totality is world class.

Last, but not the least the mouth watering food and dishes that keeps changing with every meal every day delighted me. My mother is very happy and comfortable too, best care in this Covid era as well.

I wish them, good luck and success for their wonderful level of care, in future as well.
Sharad Tewari
Have recently moved our mother to TGE and spent the first week or so with her at the facility. The management and staff have been extremely good in addressing her needs and comfort; her attendants are warm and caring; her suite is well equipped for her needs. Everyone from the management, the medical team, the chef & restaurant staff to the cleaners are always very polite and discreet. I am confidant that this was the right decision for our mother and look forward to seeing her thrive.
Shyamoli Andersen
A great place for senior living. It’s very well managed and well run.
Subhor Khanna
Excellent place for the elderly. Very caring staff who take care of the elderly just like their own family. Very professionally run by very able staff and management. Clean and well maintained facility. Gated community with security 24*7.
Pratik Jain
My dad recently moved into The Golden Estate. I went there myself and stayed with him for 2 weeks and I have nothing but good words for them. The staff is very polite and friendly, my dad is became comfortable with them very fast. The food is great, I myself ate there daily for 2 weeks. The kitchen staff takes care of residents like they are family.

The administrative staff is also very helpful, answered all the questions and calmed me down as I was very anxious with this big decision.

It is now over a month that my dad has been there. He is still getting used to living without us but is very appreciative of the facilities and the staff.

I would recommend The Golden Estate to anyone who is looking for a great place for their parents.
Tanmay Sharma
My mom has just moved to Golden estates. She has some health issues I was worried if the staff will be able to handle it and they did amazingly including her visits to the hospital and her daily requirements considering her compromised health.The staff has been very responsive to any of out concerns right away! So far Mom is happy!
Reva Nanda

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