The Golden Estate: Privileged Living For Senior Citizens

BEWARE!! You are being followed..

“Don’t assume you are safe because it is daylight. Crime occurs just as often during the day as during the night.” The crime graph against the elderly residents in the country is on a steady rise. It has led several residents and groups working for the senior citizens to question the government authorities about the […]
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Are parents a burden for the Indian youth?

India is known as the country of youth since around 50% of our population falls in the age group of 19-30 years. However, we also suffer from a bigger problem when this youth starts hating or neglecting the older people of their own family. On an average, around 60% of the elderly couples in India […]
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Health is Wealth

Tips for creating a well-balanced diet World’s most open secret to a healthy old age: Food The temptation to resist that oil dipped kebab or the pulling aroma of a chole bhature or calling shimmer of the Mysore dosa, maybe irresistible and for a few people, staying away from spicy and unhealthy food may be an […]
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