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Why Assisted Living May Be the Best Option for Your Parents

If getting your parents to live independently bothers you, or you start asking yourself whether you can live on your own now, a change may be anything but a stroke of genius. For some seniors, clinical conditions and frailty make it challenging to live independently; hence, they get to a stage where they can no longer do so. It is, therefore, important to be able to make decisions regarding their welfare because they are family. In what ways can you determine that a particular parent needs more help than what can be offered to him/her?


Assisted Living facilities are some of the most common senior citizen homes, providing decent care and personal freedom.

What Is Assisted Living?


Assisted living is housing for older persons who can afford personal care assistance to help carry out daily tasks. These communities commonly offer seniors a range of housing choices, from apartment-like units to small private cottages.


Although such areas allow residents to live independently, caretakers in these stations perform basic chores such as cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, and driving. Thus, seniors get to lead their golden years comfortably and free from concern to perform certain tasks that might be stressful or hazardous.

How to have this conversation with your parents?


Due to the misconceptions concerning assisted living centers, your elderly parents may not be receptive to this talk. Understanding the best way to encourage a parent to move to assisted living is the key to helping the loved one agree to move.

Thoroughly Prepare Beforehand


Thinking about an upcoming conversation in your head during a potentially unpleasant discussion is always helpful. However, do not forget to take care of one’s emotional state.

Consider Inviting Siblings Or Other Family Members


If you have other family members, such as siblings or other relatives, who are directly involved in your parent’s care, it may also be helpful to involve them. This might make your elderly parents change their minds about the importance of planning for the future since they feel they are in it together.

Pick Your Moment Wisely


It is essential to understand that this issue cannot be discussed at any time. Starting this serious discussion out of the blue may make your parent angry or make them disagree with you.

Express Honest Concerns


Manner of speaking and body language indicates the flow of the conversation, but the content should also contain your rationale as to why you considered this type of living option. You are probably initiating discussions about elder care because of concerns about their current status or position. Remember to express such concerns and reassure them that you have their best interest in mind.

Give Them Autonomy In Decision-Making


Always be mindful of your parents’ need to be independent during this transition or beyond. Explaining that such a move will not deny their self-governance and self-determination assures them that their life remains theirs.

Highlight The Benefits


All in all, assisted living communities present residents with countless advantages. Stressing that these facilities help reduce stress and they will not have to perform the daily chores could help your parents get more excited about the proposition. 

Reassure And Be Patient


Inform your parents that all is well and that this is the next stage in their lives they should embrace. Additionally, consider enabling enough time for them to come to terms with the new move.

Why Choose Assisted Living for your Parents?



Safety features for seniors: Maintaining the health and safety of elderly people is perhaps one of the most prominent and essential assisted living benefits that motivates caregivers to look for a new home for their loved ones. Safety-related advantages of assisted living facilities include:


Minimized fall risks: Those falls can cause severe injuries that can complicate the health of elderly people. Independent and assistant-living communities provide mobility and accessibility features such as ramps, flush thresholds, and hall-side handrails.


Safer bathrooms: Raised toilets and walk-in showers are designed so everyone can enter them, and bathroom bars also minimize falls.


On-call staff: In assisted living apartment communities, the emergency call buttons refer to devices that are usually pressed each time there is a fall or an injury. This will enable seniors to avoid situations where they find it hard to seek assistance or wait until somebody notices they are unwell at home.


Help with Daily Tasks

An assisted living community is appropriate for seniors if they struggle to perform regular activities, including bathing, dressing up, or even cleaning their houses. It is also suitable for older patients who have issues with memory loss. Over time, elderly people may forget to do things like taking medicine or eating food, and so on


If you suspect that your loved one might have dementia, you can learn the signs of the early stages of this disease. When seniors begin experiencing these early signs, they’ll likely need some living assistance. 


No more boredom

Due to their time in retirement, seniors can be left stranded with a lot of time on their hands. Many people may have extra hours in the day to be invested in their hobbies and indulge themselves. This makes assisted living one of the top options of choice due to several reasons that cut across several aspects that are of interest to the general public as follows:


  • Movie nights are a way to get some hours of melancholic fun with old films, popcorn, and snacks.
  • Open spaces like communal gardens enable the elderly to leave the house and enjoy nature.
  • New practices and creative thinking are possible in art and music classes.
  • These games help seniors have fun, as well as card games like poker and tournaments.
  • Book clubs increase interaction among friends.


Access to Medical Care

Later in life, we develop complications that we cannot manage since we are not health experts. Golden Estate facilities have medical staff comprising nurses and other healthcare personnel who can meet ordinary needs, dispense drugs, and assist in supervising residents’ diseases.


Nutritious Meals

Eating a balanced diet is critical for maintaining health, especially as you age. At The Golden Estate, we have nutritionally balanced meals and snacks for our residents with more refined conditions. This can be an excellent advantage for elderly people who often may not cook or are not sure they are eating a healthy meal.


Access to Transportation

In many cases, older people have to stop driving due to bad health, and they lose mobility to seek essential products and services and attend appointments. Assisted living facilities’ transit services include routine transport such as trips to medical appointments, shopping, and other community undertakings.


Peace of Mind for Family Members

When it comes to those dear ones, the significant advantage of assisted living is the relief for the family. It is comforting not only for the parents themselves but, especially for their adult children who might worry about their parents’ care, to know that they are provided with a safe environment and all necessary services.


Flexibility and Choice

The Golden Estate living rooms are planned in several configurations, from small houses to large apartments with all amenities. This enables seniors and their families to make independent decisions and choose a facility of their choice, depending on their preferences.

Things To Consider And Questions To Ask When Looking For An Assisted Living Community:


When you and your loved one have agreed that assisted living is the next step, there are several things you ought to consider as you look for communities with open spaces. At The Golden Estate, we have compiled a list of things to consider and questions to ask when looking for an assisted living community:


  1.     Request a meeting with the team. How can one or a relative of a resident get through to the facility’s management?
  2.     Are there any available apartments? What sizes are offered? Is furniture provided?
  3.     Inquire about the culinary program. Is it done from scratch, or are the foods brought half-prepared? Perhaps you can request a menu or arrange for lunch or dinner on campus at a specific time.
  4.     Are the nurses always on duty, or does only one nurse work for a specific time of the day?
  5.     What staff training activities are offered to the workforce?
  6.     Do they carry call lights, pendants, or life alerts? What should be done in response?
  7.     Is transport available for going out, hospital check-ups, or buying food and other necessities?
  8.     What kind of provisions can be made when the level of care is higher?
  9.     What kind of programming and culture enhancement programs are there?
  10. Request an interview with an existing tenant willing to disclose experiences.

Summing It Up


Choosing an assisted living community for your parents is a significant decision. The Golden Estate offers a perfect blend of care, support, and independence, making it an excellent choice for your loved ones. With personalized care plans, extensive amenities, and a focus on overall well-being, The Golden Estate provides an environment where seniors can truly thrive. Consider The Golden Estate for your parents’ next chapter, and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are in good hands.


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