The Golden Estate: Privileged Living For Senior Citizens
luxury old age homes in india

Busting Top 5 Myths Of Luxury Old Age Homes In India

A world with better living conditions and an autonomous lifestyle for senior citizens is being created slowly and steadily. Senior Living Homes are now permanently replacing old-age homes as they progressively fade away. The days of cramped, uninteresting, and dark dormitories with few amenities—apparently what we called “old-age homes”—are long gone. Elderly care facilities mostly […]
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Mrs. Sudha Murgai

Let’s meet our resident, Mrs Sudha Murgai who is currently the President of Cancer Care India Recently she is the recipient of Karamveer Purashkar MAHARATNA.

She has been an ardent social worker for the past 40 years in the field of cancer. She firmly believes that like singers and poets,social workers are born to serve from the heart.Mrs Sudha Murgai has made her mark in the field of health,women empowerment,childcare,education and animal welfare.She has made a mark against cancer through […]
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Blog 11

Good Food is good mood at The Golden Estate

Nothing brings people together like good food. And that’s why residents at senior living communities have hygienic food for every meal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner have become a way to bring friends and family together. Eating the right food makes us healthier and happier. It is a must to have a day. Well-balanced food and […]
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Balanced Diet For Senior Citizens

A well-balanced diet for senior citizens at TGE

Nothing can bond people together than good food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are a way to bring friends and family together. Also, eating the right food keeps people healthy and happy. Senior citizens require a healthy balanced and nutritious diet. Along with this, well-balanced food and sound sleep are also important aspects at this stage […]
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